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The home of Ben Caleb Rose – a writer, singer, and damn good lover of fantasy, copy, and a chocolate biscuit.

Caleb Creative is a portfolio (of sorts) for all things I write, from copy, to fiction, to nonfiction. Songs too.

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About the creative, Ben Caleb Rose:

Ben has not long completed a Creative Writing BA (Hons) degree at Arts University Bournemouth, graduating with an Upper Second-Class Honours. He entered the course as a writer of fantasy fiction and songs, but soon started exploring, growing confident, and falling in love with a variety of other writing forms – two of which are now crucial to his own writing identity: nonfiction and copywriting. When enrolling, he knew he wanted to return to the ‘real world’ as a writer. “But how?” he used to ask. Today, he says: “As a writer of memoir and copy.”

Life after university has Ben spending his free time working on his memoir-and-advice manuscript (see below) and entering entries to One Minute Briefs on Twitter – a place for copywriters to submit scamps and ideas for briefs posted daily.

Memoir-and-advice book:
Ben and his partner lost their extreme-premature baby 8 days after he was born at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation. The chaos that ensued encouraged him to write as healing. Now, he returns to this writing to tell the story of how such an event changed him and gave him a wider sense of adolescence. This project, in its draft form, is called: 9 Months, My Arse (and the ‘arse’ that is adult-adolescence – the product of chaos).

As well as the above manuscript, Ben is currently submitting a fantasy novel (The Shekinah Children) to agencies, he has designed and written the content for this WordPress website, and he has released several songs on Spotify – as ‘Ben Caleb Rose’.

“I only came for medicine,” Angelica said, “not some lesson on goats.”

untitled fantasy’

Current writing projects:

9 Months, My Arse (and the ‘arse’ that is adult-adolescence – the product of chaos):
A memoir-and-advice book that offers the reader an insight into one man’s sense of a wider adolescence (adult-adolescence, as it is called in the book) following the loss of his extreme-premature son, 8 days after birth. Recounting the events and experiences he shared with his partner, Ben reflects on the lessons he learned and how he has changed for it. Example chapters include: Circles (the way in which I got back to myself, and then us, Gem and I – the bullseye), where he explains how he imagined a one-step-at-time process with the people around him, and Channelling the Hurt (lifting the weight: emotions, thoughts, and memories), an opportunity for the reader to see how Ben and his partner both found ways to channel the hurt, the emotions, and the memories as a method of healing and recovery. **Currently writing, with the support of the Oxford-based charity, SSNAP.

The Shekinah Children:
A fantasy novel of 80,000 words and first of a series: ‘Beneath the Surface’ – wherein a historical real word is merged with a pirate/medieval-fantasy world via the premise of a hollow Earth. News of a dragon hatching ignites a race between a circus ship, an empire, and an ape-like race – all while we watch a gambling archer get lost in the jungle with the newly hatched dragon. **Currently submitting to agencies.

Book & series title TBC:
Another novel/series set in the same fantasy world as ‘The Shekinah Children’, taking place long after the events of the original series/premise in a more a more medieval, post-apocalyptic setting. It follows the Bulwark family as their hometown, Fallowfield, suffers from a number of deaths-by-disease. Protagonists, Timber and Angelica, get caught in a plot, revealing the truth behind the mystery plague. **Currently writing.

Released music:

That is a lot of things, both varied and big, to comprehend with as a sponge.

‘9 months my arse (and the ‘arse’ that is adult-adolescence – the product of chaos)’

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