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The home of Ben Caleb Rose – a writer, singer, and damn good lover of fantasy, copy, and a chocolate biscuit.

Caleb Creative is a place of copy, fiction, and country music.

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About the creative, Ben Caleb Rose:

Ben is coming off the end of a Creative Writing BA (Hons) degree at Arts University Bournemouth, where – having entered as a writer of fantasy fiction and songs – he has explored, grown confident, and fallen in love with many other forms of writing – from memoir, to screenwriting, to copy. Ben enrolled in the course knowing that he wanted to return to the ‘real world’ as a writer and, during his second year, he was introduced to copywriting and he loved it instantly.

He knew how he wanted to enter the ‘real world’ again.

During, and alongside, his degree, Ben has written (and started submitting to literary agencies) a fantasy novel, Beneath the Surface: The Shekinah Children. Since then, he has thrown himself deep into two other projects – one of which being another fantasy novel, yet to be named, set in the same world of The Shekinah Children. His other project, a memoir-and-advice book he call “9 months, my arse.”, comes with the support of a charity known as SSNAP. In this book, he tells his own story of extreme-premature birth, reflecting on his loss, grief, and recovery.

As well as these projects, Ben has designed, and written the content for, this WordPress website to act as a showcase for his creative work. You will find examples of both his writing and his music – with Ben having released several country/pop songs online too, under the name ‘Ben Caleb Rose’.

Musically, Ben describes himself as ‘the witty Englishman who learned how to sing from Alex Band, discovered country music through Chris Young, and learned how to perform from Jon Pardi.” Since 2019, he has released three songs. And, though his plans for 2020 have changed (due to something beginning with C and ending in 19), he has written, recorded, and intends on releasing more music – one of which will build on the story told in “9 months, my arse.”, supported by and, in return, raising awareness for the charity, SSNAP.

“I only came for medicine,” Angelica said, “not some lesson on goats.”

untitled fantasy

Current writing projects:

The Shekinah Children:
A fantasy novel of 80,000 words and first of a series: ‘Beneath the Surface’ – wherein a historical real word is merged with a pirate/medieval-fantasy world via the premise of a hollow Earth. News of a dragon hatching ignites a race between a circus ship, an empire, and an ape-like race – all while we watch a gambling archer get lost in the jungle with the newly hatched dragon. **Currently submitting to agencies.

9 months, my arse:
A memoir-and-advice about extreme-premature birth, grief, and facing life after loss. It tells Ben’s story, wherein he recounts the experiences he shared with his partner and reflects on them, including chapters, such as ‘I picture it like circles’, ‘A sense of permanence’, and ‘My counselling diary’. **Currently writing; supported by the charity, SSNAP.

Book & series title TBC:
Another novel/series set in the same fantasy world as ‘The Shekinah Children’, taking place long after the events of the original series/premise in a more a more medieval, post-apocalyptic setting. It follows the Bulwark family as their hometown, Fallowfield, suffers from a number of deaths-by-disease. Protagonists, Timber and Angelica, get caught in a plot, revealing the truth behind the mystery plague. **Currently writing.

Released music:

…there is and was nothing to ‘perhaps’ about – nothing would have prepared us for the bloody Sunday that followed.

‘9 months my arse’

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It all starts with a “Hello.”

‘taste the wine’

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