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Beneath the Surface is my fantasy Star Wars. It doesn’t just refer to the one book or series, but it refers to all stories and/or content written in the world-build wherein a fantasy world (the Innerworld) exists within a hollow Earth – our Earth as we know it. Like Star Wars has its Skywalker Saga, The Mandalorian, and the likes of Rogue One, Beneath the Surface has, thus far, The Shekinah Children and The Knights of a Sinking Star.

The Shekinah Children

* * *

The age of discovery is underway and in a fantasy world beneath Earth’s surface, two adolescents (unaware of their entwined origin story and fate) must harness their newfound magic before they are hunted for the roles they are due to play in stopping the collapse of civilization and the coming of a new age – both above and beneath the surface.

* * *

Beneath the Surface | The Shekinah Children is a fantasy series – to which I have written the first book for and have several more planned, ready to draft. Two YA protagonists, Ulrich and Indigo, find themselves hunted as they discover they are ‘shekinah’ – magic-users who strike bonds with cold-blooded creatures, from hydras to basilisks to dragons, and share an ability to brainwash – or ‘spellbind’ – others. As shekinah, Ulrich and Indigo have a pivotal role to play in stopping the Ven-Curie in their violent quest to reset civilization via the fire of dragons.

The Knights of a Sinking Star

* * *

When the order of Knights Templar are named an enemy of God and Europe, a knight and his squire lead a band of brothers beneath the Surface in hope of finding the key to the order’s revival.

* * *

Beneath the Surface | The Knights of a Sinking Star follows the stories of Sir Matthieu and his tale-telling squire, Langlois, who are joined by a band of Scotsmen and Templars as they sail beneath the Surface. There, they enter a race in search for ‘hope’ – a race against an English fleet under the command of a ‘shekinah’ order looking to awaken dragons for the first time since the fall of the Great Karikan Empire. With such, they seek to control civilization – both beneath the Surface and above it.

The Knights of a Sinking Star series takes place two hundred years before the events of The Shekinah Children.

Beneath the surface of Beneath the Surface.

(About me, the writer)

Name: Benjamin Caleb Rose
Age: 27
Location: Bournemouth

My love of fiction (mainly fantasy and sci-fi) started Vampirates, The Inheritance Cycle, and The Lord of the Rings. However, it is the Star Wars franchise that inspires the ambition and planning of Beneath the Surface and its different series/stories set along the Innerworld’s historical timeline.

It is also my love of fiction that had me study Creative Writing at Arts University Bournemouth; during which I was introduced to screenwriting, the perfect vessel for my love for rom-coms and desire to write them, and non-fiction, another perfect vessel – this time as a means of expressing my own story borne from my journey through grief and into parenthood.

Keeping with the latter, I have written the first draft for a memoir and self-help book, 9 Months, My Arse (Chaos and the ‘Arse’ that is Change), wherein I address my wife and I’s loss of our first child and how we found our way to a new normal and controlled, to the best we could, the inevitable change we went through as individuals. Now with a second child alive and well, I intend on revisiting this book to not just use loss and grief as an example of chaos (and thus change) but parenthood and creation too, using my newfound (and constantly growing) knowledge and experience with mental health as a support worker for vulnerable adults.

Offer me a distraction from my writing. Let’s talk!

I am based in Bournemouth. When I am not working, I am usually writing or studying at home – always near a laptop or phone. Why not get in touch?