I write copy, content, & fiction.

I’m also a Ben – from Bournemouth.

Ben Caleb Rose - a writer of content, copy, and fantasy fiction.

Big. Uncle. Franklin.

They are (or were) Bens – like me. And great at what they do – or did. One keeps a nation’s time. Another feeds multiple nations. And the latter founded one of his own.

Now, I do not trade in time, rice, or states united. And you are not a nation – I assume. But I still believe, together, we can be great. My words. Your business. That is our nation.

Which Ben are you after? (They both write)

Ben, the copywriter and content creator.

All copy is content – simple. But all content is not necessarily copy.

I see it the same as science, I suppose. Science is a broad subject. It is why at school, they offered science-enthusiasts the chance to study three forms of it: physics, chemistry, and biology.

With this in mind, content is science. And copy is a form of it. A very particular form, I should add. It requires specific techniques that other forms of content may not need to draw upon.

Copy is taglines. It is advertising. It is one person encouraging another to take action. Content writing, on the other hand, is all forms of written communication – from training documents and tutorials to blogs and social media updates. It is telling your customers something. Whereas copy is selling them something.

And it just so happens, I dabble in both the broad and the particular. Just let me know what you need.

Ben, the novelist – writing fantasy fiction and memoir.

Since the day my sixth grade teacher promoted me from pencil to pen, I have loved to world-build and escape into my own tales and characters. Though that boy is now all grown up (and using a keyboard), such a love remains – a love that forged the world-build that encompasses my fantasy-fiction: Beneath the Surface.

And when I’m not escaping into a word of knights, dragons, and pirates, I am putting my mind to paper (so to speak). My non-fiction is a cross between memoir and self-help.

It tells my story. And I explore the consequences of such a story, the workings of my mind, and how I dealt with immense grief in a time of utter chaos – a time of chaos that undoubtedly changed me.

“I only came for medicine,” Angelica said, “not some lesson on goats.”

This sentence, taken from my fantasy-fiction work, is inspired by psychology. As Angelica visits her home village’s local apothecary on an errand to help fight her father’s sickness, she gets told the apothecary’s theory on family scapegoats (involuntarily and much to her displeasure) while she waits for him to find the perfect remedy.

It represents my website, Caleb Creative, too.

Like Angelica, this website can serve as the medicine – a place in which you can find a capable writer to produce your copy or content. However, like the apothecary, I offer more than that. In place of goat-lessons, you can read about my work in fiction and memoir.

Alternatively, you can learn more about me (a Ben) – the apothecary himself.

How about a coffee?

Business is always conducted between people. We can talk through your needs without needless formalities. We can just keep it simple: two regular people conversing over coffee and biscuits – people who can, and will, find a solution together.

Thank you for spending your time on Caleb Creative.

Written and designed by yours truly. I hope you enjoy your stay.