Big. Uncle. Franklin.

They’re all Bens (like me) and great at what they do – or did.

As for myself? I’m a writer of words – primarily: content, copy, and fiction. And, well… I’m great too – something this website, Caleb Creative, will show you.

So, without further ado, welcome to my home – the home of Ben Caleb Rose.

The writer of content and copy

There is a distinction between both content and copy. And it comes down to purpose. Copy is the seller. Whereas content is the teller. It just so happens that I thoroughly enjoy, and trade in, both forms of art.

The writer of fiction

Since I was a little boy, I have loved to world-build and escape into my own tales and characters. Though that boy is now all grown up, such a love remains – a love that forged the world-build that encompasses the majority of my fiction. I call it: Beneath the Surface.

“I only came for medicine,” Angelica said, “not some lesson on goats.”

This sentence, taken from my fantasy-fiction work, is inspired by psychology. As Angelica visits her home village’s local apothecary on an errand to help fight her father’s sickness, she gets told the apothecary’s theory on family scapegoats (involuntarily and much to her displeasure) while she waits for him to find the perfect remedy.

It represent Caleb Creative too.

Like Angelica, this website can serve as the medicine – a place in which you can find a capable writer to produce your copy and/or content. However, like the apothecary, it offers more than that. In place of goat-lessons, read about my work in fiction – as well as flash, memoir, and songwriting.

Or perhaps learn more about me, the apothecary himself.

It’s all Ben-to-person, to me

As with the above piece of fantasy-fiction, my love and appreciation for psychology bleeds into my writing of content and copy. After all, with both B2B and B2C, there is a person at the receiving end of my writing.

And so, it is my aim to remain aware of such. Customers and businessmen alike – they are always your audience. Whether it be content or copy, the questions are forever the same. Who is your audience? What is it they want? And what do they care about?

How about a coffee?

Business is always conducted between people too. Are you looking for a Ben with a pen – the answer to your content or copy problems? Why not get in touch?

We can talk through your needs without needless formalities. We can keep it simple – just two regular people conversing over coffee and biscuits.

Two people who can, and will, find a solution together.

This Ben thanks you for spending your time on Caleb Creative.

Written and designed by yours truly. I hope you enjoy your stay.