Meet the Startled, the Sick, the Sorry: Ulrich Leinheart

The Ramblings of a Rose, post #3

In my previous blog post (‘From the Blueprint to the Final Draft’), I introduced you to Indigo – one of my fantasy novel’s protagonists – for the first time. Since then, my first single, ‘Simple Man’, has gone live on all major platforms! Woo! Go find it on Amazon or Spotify – you’ll find me as ‘Ben Caleb Rose’.

Anyway… back to the novel. Near the end of my previous blog post, I promised that, in blog posts to come, I would introduce you to more of the book’s characters. So, here I am, revealing the second protagonist: Ulrich Leinheart, the ‘strawberry blonde, paleskin human, eighteen years of age’ who, after a night of celebrating victory in a game of ‘spitfire’, wakes up a little startled and… sick. (You’ll meet Marauder, an ‘azureskin orcish woman,’ too).

Beforehand, however, I’ll quickly explain where Ulrich Leinheart came from. Whereas my other protagonist, Indigo, was created for this novel, Ulrich was one of the first fantasy characters I ever created. He featured in a book I started writing in 2013. He featured again in a rewrite later down the line, and again, when I started writing a new idea. And, for the fourth time, he appears. Because of this, it’s hard to really say how I created him. However, it’s easy to say I relate to him much more than my other characters – purely because he’s been around a while. Plus, in the first novel he featured in, he was the same age as I was when writing. And now? He’s a little younger than I am now, but significantly older than he first was.

(The start of ‘Chapter Four: Hot Thighs and Red Sails’ – the second chapter in which Ulrich appears)

A warmth on his thighs slowly lured Ulrich back to consciousness; the warmer it got, the closer he got to waking up. It was only when it turned hot… no… scorching, did the swollen-faced paleskin sit up in a screaming mess, launching the box across the room. It banged against the wall. Where it had been resting on his legs, the quilt was burned.

Veil’s arse, what was that? Ulrich looked at the box. Could it be…? The question vanished from his mind as his stomach took control. Oh no. Before he could react, he vomited over the side of the bed. With a groan, he burned at his legs and his throat. Our Judge, forgive me.  

“What are you doing in there, ‘Rich?” Marauder’s voice came from beyond the door. Suddenly, Ulrich realised: this was not his room. The narrow bed, the map of Eden, the sketches of Genesis… the wooden, finger-sized sculpture of a bow-and-arrow… they were not his.

Genesis and Eden:
Genesis is the capital city of the nation, Eden – the birthplace of the Edenese Empire. Upon the Empire’s expansion, the likes of Hagglers’ Bay found itself under its rule.

Oh no, no, no. He threw the bed sheets off him in a panic. OK, OK… I’m naked.

“Ulrich!” Marauder yelped as she opened the door to her room, “cover yourself up, damn it!” She put her hands over her nose. “What… impropriety have you been doing in here? It reeks!” She saw the sick on the floor beside the bed. “May Eden fall.”

“Sorry,” Ulrich said sheepishly, his cheeks rather pink.

“Why’s that there?” Marauder saw the box against the wall, away from the human. “The banging… was that it? Let me guess. You realised how dumb you were to wager reigns for… well… that.” She shook her head. “Whatever that is.”

“I need to get back home, ‘Rauder.” Ulrich was all too aware of the wrath his brother would have waiting for him.

Marauder pointed at the vomit. “Not until you clean that up.”

“Right.” Ulrich nodded. “You got anything?”

“I’ll be back.” She turned but stopped before departing. “You’ll need breakfast before you venture home.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You won’t be,” Marauder argued, “you’d faint on your way home. And if Merten lost his brother because of me… can you imagine? He’d sell me to a duellist… and use the reigns to pay for the chance to fight me in the Genesian Arena. He’d provide me with a humiliating death in front of the entire capital.”

“He wouldn’t give you the joy of seeing Genesis.”

“You see? You need breakfast. If not for yourself, for me.”


Spoiler alert! Ulrich finds himself having breakfast with Marauder. It’s here, where the chapter’s name is completed: ‘Hot Thighs and Red Sails’.

With this blog post, and the previous, I have introduced you to the two protagonists, providing a brief explanation as to where they came from. For the next one, I’ll turn my attention to the world itself.

In the meantime, leave a comment… explore my website… find me on social media… do as you please. But keep an eye out for the next edition of: ‘The Ramblings of a Rose.’

And go check out ‘Simple Man’!

Ben x

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