9 months, my arse

Having returned from The John Radcliffe Hospital after – what was – a rather dramatic, emotional, bonkers 8 days, I had the idea to write down everything that had just happened to Gem and I.

Two weeks later, having started writing ‘9 months, my arse’, I returned to university a little later than first-planned – there, my Creating Writing course leader gave me the brief for my assignments (all exciting stuff!). And… well… one of the units for my third year is called: Writing in the Community.

I already had a rough idea of what the unit would entail. However, meeting with my course leader clarified things. ‘9 months, my arse’ was a possibility – not just for my own work, but for university too. What was to solely be a story from my own point of view, was to become something bigger.

The clue is in the unit title, Writing in the Community.

I walked away with the question: how could I incorporate other people

Within the week, I returned to my course leader with an idea: “If I approached the charity that helped us, wrote the book with a plan to raise money and awareness for them (my initial plan for ‘9 months, my arse’), and featured… not just my own point of view… not just my point of view and that of the charity’s… but my point of view, the charity’s, and friends and family members involved in the story too, would that work for the unit brief?” (It was a long question).

“Yes, I think so.”


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