Guess Where the Honesty Came From? (Extract from Sitcom!)

The Ramblings of a Rose, post #5:

Post #5 and I think it’s time to show you some of another project I’m working on: a sitcom, currently named: Fairies Live Here. How did this come about? Well… since we covered screenwriting at university, I’ve loved writing screenplays. However, at the time, I was more focused on pursuing my dream of the movie-world being overrun by rom-coms (a guilty pleasure of mine). It was only afterwards, when I thought: You know what? A sitcom would be fun. At the time, I was currently binging my way through The Ranch on Netflix.

It took a little while, but an idea came to me – very much at a time when we were being told to ‘write honestly’. If you know me, then you will see where the inspiration for the characters of the sitcom come from. Yes, I decided to write ‘honestly’. But, if I was going to do so, it was going to be in a Medieval setting. Because… well… why not?

(Part of scene two of ‘Fairies Live Here: Pilot’)


If you hadn’t guessed already, the premise of the show is, essentially: What would happen if I took my family, dropped them in a Medieval world, and dialled them up to 10? And, there you have it: Fairies Live Here, the Sitcom.

I’ll bring this blog post to an end now – I know, it has been a long one! – and will just ask you, as I always do, leave a comment… explore my website… find me on social media… do as you please. But keep an eye out for the next edition of ‘The Ramblings of a Rose’, where – as I’ve now done with screenplay and fiction – I’ll introduce you to my song-writing too.

Ben x

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