Project Update #3, 07.01.20

Gemma and I went to Oxford for a medical update on Thursday 12th December 2019. Rather than call SSNAP, we agreed to see them when we went up. After our meeting with a doctor, we went to SSNAP and met with Caz (who I had been emailing) and Christine – the two members of SSNAP who dealt with us while we were at the hospital as patients in September 2019.

We talked over the project in more detail, discussing the longer-term plan for 9 months, my arse – to which, they were extremely excited about and amazed that we wanted to do something like it. Regarding features, they were open to ideas: whether it be one feature from SSNAP as a charity, or multiple features from individual members of the charity – or a combination of both. I said that I would get back to them in the new year and try and finalise something with them.

We also got the chance to have a quick conversation with one of the consultants who looked after us during our time as patients in September 2019: Dominic. Having talked about it first with Caz and Christine, we asked Dominic if he would be interested in writing a feature for the book too. Excitingly, he said he would be happy to do so. Again, this was left with the agreement for me to make contact again in the new year. However, due to Dominic’s schedule and the shorter notice and less detail in which I gave him regarding the project, it may be too much to ask to have him write it in time for the Writing in the Community assignment deadline.

Within the next few days, I will write back to SSNAP about the project and finalise the premise for the features with them.

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