Project Update #4, 09.01.20

As I said I would, I have sought contact with SSNAP in hope to get the ball rolling with the project. I wanted to 1) confirm that they were still interested in writing features for 9 months, my arse, and 2) whether or not they wanted to write one feature on behalf of SSNAP, or write multiple features, giving them the opportunity to write from their own POV too.

Meanwhile, my father has started writing his feature before signing the consent form – he started writing yesterday (08.01.19), seeing it fitting: the 8th was to be Elijah-James’ due date. Texting me, he said that he: ‘Found writing helped’ and ‘Nearly finished, just seemed to flow once I started.’ I am yet to read or know what he has written – but his feedback is enough to know that the feature is finding purpose, providing a platform for those invited to partake in the project to get their thoughts onto paper… something I have found helpful through the grieving process myself.

This helpfulness and sense of healing is only expected, given that Fiona Sampson’s chapter, Writing as ‘Therapy’ in The Handbook of Creative Writing, tells us how “creative writing in British health and social care has developed as a publicly-funded practice” – proven to work in healing members of society. Writing helps put thoughts onto paper and give the writer – the patient – clarity and a chance to analyse and become aware of their feelings.

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