Guess Where the Honesty Came From? (Extract from Sitcom!)

The Ramblings of a Rose, post #5: Post #5 and I think it’s time to show you some of another project I’m working on: a sitcom, currently named: Fairies Live Here. How did this come about? Well… since we covered screenwriting at university, I’ve loved writing screenplays. However, at the time, I was more focusedContinue reading “Guess Where the Honesty Came From? (Extract from Sitcom!)”

Finding Context

The Ramblings of a Rose, post #4: In both extracts I have shown from my fantasy novel so far, you may have noticed the inverted sections: ‘Genesis and Eden’ (in Ulrich’s extract), and ‘The Admiral’ (in Indigo’s extract). These fragments of world-building occur throughout the book – somewhat inspired by the narrative style of ‘TheContinue reading “Finding Context”

Meet the Startled, the Sick, the Sorry: Ulrich Leinheart

The Ramblings of a Rose, post #3 In my previous blog post (‘From the Blueprint to the Final Draft’), I introduced you to Indigo – one of my fantasy novel’s protagonists – for the first time. Since then, my first single, ‘Simple Man’, has gone live on all major platforms! Woo! Go find it onContinue reading “Meet the Startled, the Sick, the Sorry: Ulrich Leinheart”

From the Blueprint to the Final Draft

(The Ramblings of a Rose: post #2) So… I announced the beginning of a blog and then… well… didn’t really follow it up with another post. But there is a reason for it. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen posts of a rising word count – taken from my fantasy novel.Continue reading “From the Blueprint to the Final Draft”

“Mr. Interaction, I’m all yours.”

(The Ramblings of a Rose: post #1) The new design for is live! And, with this new look, it’s about time the website got a little more interactive. With this decision, I thought… f@&# it, why not join the blogging parade? So… here it is: the first post of ‘The Rambling of a Rose’.Continue reading ““Mr. Interaction, I’m all yours.””