Project Update #9, 24.02.20

Things are still slow between SSNAP and I. Thus, the project remains slow as a whole. However, regarding the features from family members, things have grown to a point where I couldn’t work with them further – as I will explain. In both John and Linda Friel’s book and Philippa Perry’s, the idea of systemsContinue reading “Project Update #9, 24.02.20”

Project Update #7, 13.02.20

I have not heard back from Caz since our last correspondence regarding the nursing team and other members of staff. Since then, I have been working on the book myself alongside Gemma writing her own feature and adding to my book too – editing parts and adding details I have missed. During this time too,Continue reading “Project Update #7, 13.02.20”

Project Update #6, 30.01.20

After more back-and-forth with Caz from SSNAP, she has suggested the idea of asking some of the nursing staff and chaplain team to contribute – to which she has offered to speak to the matron. Without hesitation, I have said yes to the offer. As the collaboration with SSNAP is progressing, I can envisage 9Continue reading “Project Update #6, 30.01.20”