Fall in love with copy.

You should try to.
Or, allow me
to fall for you.

Hot off the heels of a Creative Writing BA (Hons) degree at Arts University Bournemouth, where – having entered as a writer of fantasy fiction and songs – Ben has explored, grown confident, and fallen in love with many other forms of writing – from memoir, to screenwriting, to copy. During, and alongside, his degree, Ben has written (and started submitting to literary agencies) a fantasy novel: Beneath the Surface: The Shekinah Children. 

Since then, he has thrown himself deep into two other projects: another fantasy novel, and a memoir-and-advice book he calls (including the speech marks and full-stop): “9 months, my arse.”. Alongside his current projects, Ben constantly adds to his repertoire of country/pop songs, and is always looking for more work in copywriting.

Ben simply loves to write. To play God and escape to a fantasy world. To recount and reflect in nonfiction. To do the bidding of others in copy. Heck, he’ll even tell you himself: “There’s nothing better than a slick, well-written email.”

In short: Ben is a creative writer of all sorts: fiction, non-fiction, songs – but, most importantly, copy.

Take a look at Ben’s headline and content writing on the posters below.

Branding and headlines.

The best go unnoticed,
only to be remembered.

“I’m after a name for a dog walking business. Can you think of any?”
“Give us a mo’,” I said. And, a mo’ I was given.

The result: a choice of names, logos, and taglines.

‘One Minute Briefs’

Briefs are a gift, not a burden.

Speculative work

Moving forward with practice.

Headlines and taglines:

It’s the dunking resilience that brings the biscuit brilliance.
(Bourbon biscuits)

Ready in seconds.

There’ll be no talking – just silence in the softness.
(A pillow company)

At Dulce Gusto, we make art quickly. In a mere moment.
(Dulce Gusto coffee machines)

Fine dine with your travel time.
(Airline food)

Speculative press release: It’s the dunking resilience that brings the biscuit brilliance.

In a world where normality has ceased, a Bournemouth-based quiz-master is offering a chance to win bonus points. The question is: what biscuit should you choose to dunk? That’s right, Neb Belac has joined the wave of digital fun. On Friday 29th May, his online quiz (renowned for its bonus rounds) will be open to the public.

“We were taking it in turns hosting quizzes between friends,” Neb says, “and when it came to my partner and I, we wanted to spruce it up somewhat.” Not only did they add in the After Eight Challenge (where one must transport an After Eight from their forehead to their mouth, without the use of their hands) as a bonus round, they introduced the game, Biscuit Chicken, too.

“You all dunk a biscuit (of your choosing) into a hot brew,” Neb explains, “and the winner is whoever dunks it the longest without it breaking.”

The first-time winner of Biscuit Chicken could not believe it. “I’m just so glad I had bourbons in the cupboard,” he told us, “my friends’ digestives crumbled in seconds.”

Delighted with the response they received from their quiz (and their bonus round of Biscuit Chicken), Neb and his partner will be opening their next quiz to the public: Friday 29th May. However, entries will be limited. To book your place on the quiz, free of charge, visit Neb’s website:

“You never know,” Neb adds, “we may treat the entrants to another new bonus round.”

Enter the quiz to find out, Friday 29th May. We know we will be – with biscuits and brews at the ready.

Happy dunking.

Contact Ben about copy

He’s always happy to offer more examples,
discuss your ideas, and make sure that you and he make a good union – for the benefit of you, your
business, and your product.

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