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This page is a portfolio, not a CV. So let me cut to the chase: I am a copywriter who writes copy (no surprises there) and nonfiction.

On the posters below, you can find examples of my copy for Campus Living Villages’ Bournemouth University village.

Behind the creation.
Visually, I worked with the company’s marketing guidelines, picking from their preferred colour palettes and fonts. The first display of posters were made when COVID-19 hit the business early Spring. They wanted to make the message of cleanliness and safety as clear and obvious as possible, plastering the buildings’ interior with the posters. For this reason, I kept them all the same colour – so students would know that blue or purple meant COVID-19. Regarding the copy, I put the key words/phrases in yellow, and kept the overall content simple and direct – knowing that each poster would be read as a student or colleague glanced its way.

The second display of posters covered a broader range of messages/subjects – thus I used a wider range of colour choices. Meanwhile, I kept the writing and the layout the same, to give the buildings’ residents consistency. Once again, knowing that these posters would be glanced at (more often than not), I wanted the message to be delivered – or at least alluded to – in the headlines.

Branding and taglines.

The best go unnoticed,
only to be remembered.

“I’m after a name for a dog-walking business. Can you think of any?”
“Give us a mo’,” I said. And a mo’ I was given.

a choice of names, logos, and taglines.

Behind the creation.
The name came from the word a lot of dog owners use for walking their dog(s), whereas ‘South-coast’ was added due to copyright and clarity over location. Regarding the taglines, they all suggest that allowing for someone else to walk your dog gives the owner a chance to relax – that is the message and selling point I wanted to give the business.

Behind the creation.
Poole Paws was a way to bring together the location and the subject at hand with the name. Again, the taglines’ message remained the same. In the end, taking all the ideas into consideration, the client went for Walkies and ‘Letting you of the leash’, delighted that I had not just come up with a name, but I had offered a logo and tagline to go with it – multiple, for that matter.

Online articles/blogs.

SMEs can bounce back and grow with sustainability – all thanks to HSBC’s new low-interest loan.

SMEs are now being offered low interest loans to buy or lease electric or hybrid vehicles. Starting at £100K, the EV Investment Loan will provide a wide range of companies access to finance, lending them a helping hand as they evolve into a more environmentally friendly organisation.

“Sustainability is increasingly important for companies of all sizes. We can now support their aspirations through our comprehensive green lending proposition.” This is what Amanda Murphy, HSBC UK Head of Commercial Banking, had to say. Meanwhile, her colleague and Head of Sustainable Finance, Rob Kind, added: “Many stakeholders are now considering a company’s green credentials when making decisions about whether to work with, work for, or invest in that company.” 

The EV Investment Loan does not just meet the green demands of SMEs, but it meets their post-pandemic needs too. The global economy is expected to see a downturn. However, this scheme offers an opportunity for SMEs to adapt, to trim their energy costs, and to, most importantly, grow – all while kickstarting the UK’s motor industry in securing a greener future for everyone. With the Government committing the UK to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, this is the perfect timing for SMEs to take that courageous leap to greener pastures.

With the EV Investment Loan, SMEs only repay a set amount each month – with a very low rate of interest. HSBC recognises the need to tackle climate change, having committed itself to providing $100 billion worldwide in sustainable financing and investment by 2025. However, this low rate of interest is also a recognition that SMEs will, like the rest of us, require help as we recover from this pandemic. Despite HSBC winning ‘World’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance’ at the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2019, they continue to strive for further sustainability. The EV Investment Loan is just that.

HSBC is looking forward, and we want SMEs to blossom as they bounce back from this pandemic. The EV Investment Loan offers a breath of life with new opportunities, evolution, and a significant trust during, what is predicted to be, but may not have to be, testing times. The EV Investment Loan is driving a greener future – for SMEs, and for the economy. It is a chance to grow in a post-pandemic world.

Contact HSBC UK for more information, via: Alternatively, please call 03457 60 60 60. Lines are open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

‘One Minute Briefs’

Briefs are a gift, not a burden.

‘One Minute Briefs’ is a page on Twitter that posts daily briefs, asking for creatives – whether they be copywriters, designers, or anyone simply interested in advertising – to submit entries (scamps or ideas) via a tweet. Below, you can find some of my entries – some of which (the likes of the Wallace and Gromit cheesecake, the bad hair day, and the ‘Morphy Richards’ ideas) were either shortlisted or victorious. The key with the below ‘OMB’s is that they are created quickly – to capture the initial idea, for either an advert or campaign.

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