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Professional Introduction:

I have not long completed the end of a Creative Writing BA (Hons) degree at Arts University Bournemouth. When I entered the course, I thought of myself as a writer of fantasy fiction and country songs. However, I soon started exploring, growing confident, and falling in love with a variety of other writing forms – two of which (nonfiction and copywriting) are now crucial to who I am as a writer.

At the beginning of the course, I knew I wanted to return to the ‘real world’ as a man who made his money from, and filled his days with, writing. Though, at the time, I did not know how – I suppose this is why I enrolled to begin with. However, as the university course came to an end, I knew exactly how I wanted to return to the ‘real world’: as a writer of nonfiction and copy. Underpinning both forms, my passion and interest for psychology (mainly that which tackles the subjects of family, parenting, and adolescence) have an underlying impact on my writing. After all, a writer’s words always reach people. So, why not try to understand them further?

Creative Writing BA (Hons) Degree (2017 – 2020)

As mentioned, I entered my degree as a writer of fantasy fiction and songs. In year one, however, we experimented with most forms of creative writing. By the end of the year, I was writing screenplays and nonfiction too. Come year two, we were introduced to copywriting (and I’ve never been more thankful!). A Bournemouth-based freelancer delivered lectures on the form. I loved it, demanding (via student feedback) for the course to place more emphasis on it. Thus, in year three, another freelance copywriter came in and taught us more about the trade, introducing us to the likes of David Ogilvy.

By this point, I realised that I wanted to make a career of copywriting, allured by the need to work from an array of prompts and boundaries, to work with an attention to detail with every word, and to work with the target audience and the core of it. I love questioning why a reader may be attracted to a particular headline or slogan, why one campaign succeeds over another, and how one idea out-lives others – perhaps even becoming a ‘big idea’, as Ogilvy says.

In year 3, we worked as writers in the community. For my project, I collaborated with a charity, SSNAP, who had helped my partner and I late that summer. I had them writing features for the memoir-and-advice book I am writing: ‘9 months, my arse.’ Meanwhile, for my ‘Final Major Project’, I submitted a creative piece containing extracts of nonfiction and fantasy – plus a reflective essay, where my reading and research of copywriting and editing techniques took prominence.

I am proud to say that I graduated with an Upper Second-Class Honours.

Current and Previous Jobs:

Campus Living Villages – Customer Service Advisor (2017 – Present)

My job role at Camus Living Villages has evolved over the years, alternating between full-time in the holidays and part-time during the academic terms, and earning more and more responsibilities with transformation. The job has primarily consisted of:

  • Communications – liaising with students in person, responding to questions and making announcements via email, and chasing/discussing debt, and solving problems with the students’ Campus Living Villages online portal, over the phone, in person, and via email.
  • Admin tasks – using the likes of excel to organise jobs/roles within the team and upload ‘nominations’ (applicants) to our online database on StarRez.
  • Event organisation – creating ideas and organising events for residents across the three buildings covered by the team.
  • Welfare – responding to emergencies in our buildings, and checking-up on students, who have either been involved in previous incidents or have had Bournemouth University, flatmates, or family members contact us on their behalf.
  • Lone-working – manning one of our three buildings (ranging from 400 beds to 100 beds) alone, responding to any correspondence while being the first point-of-call in an emergency, ranging from fire-alarms to paramedics to flatmates declaring extreme welfare cases.
  • Debt-chasing and inspections – chasing late or problematic rent payments and inspecting our residents’ rooms/flats throughout the year, ensuring they are not damaging the building or putting their own hygiene, health, and/or safety at risk.

As well as the above tasks, my most recent manager issued the team individual responsibilities of our choosing. I asked to take the lead on any correspondence possible, creating flyers/posters and writing email templates – all while working within our company-wide marketing guidelines, ranging from colour palettes to a preferred use of language/structure.

An Evening of Country – Host and Organiser (2013 – 2019)

I hosted and organised a modern-country music night, bringing both local musicians and those from further afield together, building a community/scene for those in the genre throughout the Bournemouth and Poole area. During my time running the night, I networked with local music venues, event/festival organisers, and both local and national musicians/acts, designed any necessary flyers, posters, and online artwork on Adobe Photoshop, and performed on stage – both as a compere and musician.

Anglian Home Improvements – Marketing (2017)

Before enrolling on the Creative Writing degree and working at Campus Living Villages, I worked in door-to-door marketing, creating ‘leads’ – meetings that would take place between the potential client and sales team. This job role proved a test of endurance, both physically and mentally, working long hours in all weathers, having to remain positive and enthusiastic – all while having to shoulder plenty of rejection (something that was to be expected due to the line of work that it was).

HP Music – Studio/Business Assistant (2016 – 2017)

I worked as an apprentice/fist-hand assistant for the owner of the artist development business and recording I worked as an apprentice/fist-hand assistant for the owner of the artist development business and recording studio: HP Music. Though I was initially brought into assist as an apprentice recording engineer, my self-taught Adobe Photoshop and design skills, as well as my knowledge and love of words (thus correspondence and, what I didn’t realise was, copywriting) had me become more of an in-house designer and copywriter. I designed WordPress websites using X Theme’s Cornerstone (writing the copy for them too), music artists’ album and social media artwork on Adobe Photoshop, and I continuously edited and/or wrote the copy for the business’ correspondence, website, and marketing.

The Lord Bute – Waiter (2014 – 2016)

I worked a silver-spoon service on routine afternoon/evening shifts, as well as functions – ranging from Elvis Presley tribute nights to weddings.


Currently nearing the end of a Creative Writing BA (Hons) degree.

Level 3 BTec at ACMR: Distinction, Merit.

3 A levels:

  • Acting BTec (Distinction)
  • English Combined (B)
  • Film Studies (C)

11 GCSE’s (A-C), including: Maths, Science, and English.

More About Me:

Growing up, I have always loved and over-analysed anything containing words – whether they be written or spoken. Adverts. Billboards. Shopfronts. I’ve always questioned the decisions made by those responsible, asking myself why they chose to use particular colours, words, or design choices – to capitalise a letter that, in regular circumstances, would not be capitalised. Since I started secondary school, I’ve always written songs and novels – proving, and never losing, my writing stamina. Word counts don’t bother me – whether they sound ‘big’ or ‘small’ for the task. Likewise, I have always shown, and since built-on, a diversity in my writing too. No matter the form, however, I always keep my target audience in mind, striking a balance between what they want/expect (the mainstream) and adding something new to the form/genre.

When it comes to creativity, I have a passion for change and new ideas. I’m constantly watching videos that prove/offer new ways of thinking – whether it be some barking-mad conspiracy video or a showcase of the tiny-house movement spreading across America, Australia, and New Zealand. Reading-wise, my degree has encouraged me to keep turning to books and writing outside my comfort-zone. In more recent times, I have read a range of more theoretical work, ranging from ‘The Hiram Key’ and ‘Before the Pyramids’ to ‘Adult Children: The Secrets Behind Dysfunctional Families’ and ‘The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read and Your Children Will Be Glad You Did’.

Aside from all things words and reading, I have a passion for history (especially the Medieval and Neolithic eras), travelling (especially where there may be a castle or two to see), and, somewhat guiltily, football – particularly as the spectator and not the participant. Most of all, however, I love to sit down, with a coffee and biscuits at the ready, and watch (while preaching the incredibility) of Pixar, a Richard Curtis rom-com, or a TV series – usually an epic, like ‘The Last Kingdom’, or a comedy classic. ‘Fawlty Towers’, for example.

You can find more examples of my work/writing here, on my website:

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