“The home of Ben Caleb Rose – a writer, singer, and damn good lover of fantasy, country, and a chocolate biscuit.”


“It’s simple: I’m a man who loves to write – I’ve always loved it. As a kid, I constantly found myself lost in writing songs and fantasy fiction. Since my adolescence (my discovery of country music) and its second coming (enrolling on my Creative Writing degree), my writing has evolved and expanded: my fantasy fiction and songwriting – now a modern country – have grown all the more prolific, while I am now comfortable and enjoying the realms of non-fiction, screenplay, and copywriting.

“My current work includes the final stages of editing the first book of a fantasy series; the writing of a memoir-and-advice book on extreme-premature birth, loss, and everything that comes along after; and the recording and planning of several singles set to release this year.”

"It's great. I'm all over the internet."

“Just look for ‘Ben Caleb Rose’. I’ll be there. I have an email address too.”

T: 07790606966

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