Project Update #4, 09.01.20

As I said I would, I have sought contact with SSNAP in hope to get the ball rolling with the project. I wanted to 1) confirm that they were still interested in writing features for ‘9 months, my arse’, and 2) whether or not they wanted to write one feature on behalf of SSNAP, or write multiple features, giving them the opportunity to write from their own POV too.

Meanwhile, my father has started writing his feature before signing the consent form – he started writing yesterday (08.01.19), seeing it fitting: the 8th was to be Elijah-James’ due date. Texting me, he said that he: ‘Found writing helped’ and ‘Nearly finished, just seemed to flow once I started.’ I am yet to read or know what he has written – but his feedback is enough to know that the feature is finding purpose, providing a platform for those invited to partake in the project to get their thoughts onto paper… something I have found helpful through the grieving process myself.

See below for the email sent to Caz at SSNAP:


Hi Caz,

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much – as you all are too! 
I hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas period. 

If you are still interested in writing something for the book, then I can send over a consent form to sign. The real question is whether or not you, Christine, and/or anybody else want to write individual features? Or whether you want to write a collective one on behalf of SSNAP? Perhaps even both options. 

It would be great to capture a little what it is like working in your environment – perhaps some of the things you see/hear/feel. Whether or not you have any views/hopes regarding it too. And obviously, it would be good to cover what SSNAP does as a charity – as part of the book’s purpose is to raise awareness for the charity.

Let me know what you guys think and whether I need to contact anybody else in the team too. I’ve had previous contact with George, the fundraising manager – though this was only brief.

I am really excited to be working with you.

Though, I must assure you that there is no obligation to partake in or finish the feature(s) – especially in meeting the deadline first provided, for mid-February. As discussed when we came up in December, I reckon the book will take a few more months to write. The deadline is more for my university’s benefit – to which they understand that deadlines may not be met etc.

Best wishes,

And again, thank you for all the support you have shown us, from the moment we arrived at Oxford in September and beyond.

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