Project Update #6, 30.01.20

After more back-and-forth with Caz from SSNAP, she has suggested the idea of asking some of the nursing staff and chaplain team to contribute – to which she has offered to speak to the matron. Without hesitation, I have said yes to the offer. As the collaboration with SSNAP is progressing, I can envisage ‘9 months, my arse’ featuring an entire section dedicated to the charity and the unit, raising awareness but also giving a huge insight into their world and every-day battles. Building on this concept/idea, I have gone back to Caz wondering whether she thinks there are any other members of staff or departments that could offer an interesting insight, i.e. cleaners, receptionists, caterers. Being a writer and creative thinker, I am aware that it is not always the stereotypical ‘protagonists’ with the most interesting and/or useful insight and stories – sometimes it is the fly-on-the-wall or the side-characters.

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