Example of work: ‘B. C. C. Rupert’ homepage.

Though I’m sure the person behind the headshot (as found on exists, the man behind the website does not. I wanted to show a more serious profile/homepage. The initial quote at the beginning, starting ‘Stand up straight’, came from a One Minute Briefs entry I did when advertising #Courage. Like with the ‘Tortoise Tiny Houses’ example homepage, I thought: why not build on it?

Due to the somewhat formal tone of voice, I opted for longer sentences (when compared to the other example website), and with Rupert’s work revolving around the idea of discovering and understand oneself, I had the two concluding paragraphs address ‘you’ directly. I wanted to give the reader a chance to feel connected with B. C. C. Rupert and perhaps be lured in: “He wants to talk to me?” Th

‘Stand up straight with your shoulders back, kid. Show the world your courage. Show the world that it will not break you. It will make you. It will bring forth the best in you.’

B. C. C. Rupert has vigorously analysed, researched, and debated the theories and ideologies discussed by the likes of Jordan Peterson, Robin Sharma, and John & Linda Friel. To summarise that which these renowned and thought-provoking, insightful writers, speakers, and teachers study and debate, they dive deep into the realms of human relationships, healthy living (both mentally and physically), and the combination of responsibility and meaningfulness. In his own works, Rupert builds on these studies – either in his own books, Responsibly Responsible and Courage is a Virtue, or his lectures, performed live across the globe, accessible via his Spotify podcast, Rupert’s Ramblings from Rupert’s Readings.

Rupert studied at Bournemouth University – though not before he ‘lived a little’ first, traversing between jobs (from phone sales to care work) and taking a series of trips to The Solomon Islands, Argentina, and Norway. It is in these adventures, both domestic and abroad, where Rupert discovered his love, passion, and uncontrollable interest in psychology – and more-so in ‘our sense of purpose and meaning’. “Why is it that people do what they do, think what they think, and feel as they feel?” Rupert found himself asking such questions over and over, no matter the time, the place, or the culture that housed him.

‘Everywhere I look, I see people. I see stories. I see the creations of an infant’s origin, painted all over the adult.’

B. C. C. Rupert never stops striving to further understand the questions he asks and the answers he’s given. For this reason, he is always wanting to hear from you (no matter your path in life) and discuss both psychology and/or their own past. He also offers, what he likes to call, ‘guided self discovery’ – supporting you in your own quest for understanding the person you have become.

As always, you can find B. C. C. Rupert’s books online or in stores. Click here for more details and dates regarding his live lectures.

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