Tortoise Tester

Example of work: ‘Tortoise Tiny Houses’ homepage.

The below company (sadly) does not exist. The name idea came from a One Minute Brief entry, when we were asked to advertise tortoises – or advertise with them. And then I thought: ‘Huh, I could build on this. Perhaps show that I can write more than the copy for my own website.

The One Minute Brief entry consisted of the logo, the image of the tortoise in the grass, and the line: ‘take your first step towards freedom’. I didn’t want to amend the logo or slogan, given that I wanted to reenact a scenario where a company would approach you with a series of ‘things’ they would like to feature on their website. Due to the logo’s playfulness, I decided to go with a more friendly approach with the entire homepage and its copy – hence the use of ‘swagger’, for example.

It should also be noted that the images have been taken from

Contact us, and take your first step towards freedom. Our beloved tortoises do, and now they have the truest of swagger.

There is a reason why the tiny house movement has caught up with the hare (so to speak). In a world where rent and mortgage payments can feel like a burden, and perhaps a hindrance to one’s relaxation, dreams, or preferred lifestyle, here at Tortoise Tiny Houses, we strive to offer people that boost (or step) towards freedom. And we offer it personalised. Not only are we affordable, offering payment plans too, we allow our customers the opportunity to involve themselves in the design and creation of their homes. We believe, above all else, a home should be yours – not just in ownership, but in creation.

We have re-housed many a tortoise.

As you can see, not a single tortoise (customer) has a shell (house) like the rest. Every home is personalised. Whether you are downsizing or not, moving into a tiny house comes with the sacrifice of limited (or ‘chosen’, as we like to say) storage. Most people customise their homes via their belongings. However, we apply your character to the very foundations of your new house.

“I love my tiny,” one of our beloved tortoises said, “not only am I free from my crippling mortgage, but I truly feel connected with my home. Like it’s actually a part of me.”

Contact Tortoise Tiny Houses and talk to us about your dream tiny house – the first step towards freedom (swagger) – and we will make your fantasy a reality. And, if price is a question (as we’re sure it is), we will discuss it with you once we know the shape and size of your tortoise ambition. Our desire, above all else, is to give you your perfect shell. It is the very reason why we offer payment plans. We want you to enjoy the wild, and not worry about the very thing that drove you away from a life of rent and mortgage: money.

Re-house yourself. Reinvent yourself. Love yourself – home included.

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