If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing.

And if I’m not thinking about it, I’m probably not thinking at all.

Who am I as a writer?

When it comes to telling stories, I believe I will always have a soft spot for fantasy. It is where I started reading, and where I started writing – and, I suppose, you best start as you mean to go on, right?

With this in mind, my Beneath the Surface world-build allows for all my fantasy writing to take place in one setting – deepening the lore every time. The world-build allowed me to bring characters, tales, and creatures I had created over the years all into one place. No more would I have to favour dragons over pirates again.

However, in my quest to understand life and all the chaos it presents, I discovered a love and respect for psychology and human connections.

Ever since, my storytelling draws on the theories I have studied and the experiences I have lived through. And ever since, I could not turn away from my desire to express my thoughts on the matter. Thus, I would no longer just tell stories through fantasy-fiction. I would dabble in memoir too.

I should mention my love for songwriting too. Upon scrolling, you will find a result of this or two.

Oh, I also write content and copy – eight hours a day, five days a week.

So… what am I currently working on?

Beneath the Surface is a fantasy world-build that brings together everything I love from the fantasy genre in a balance of familiarity and originality – all while offering a unique portal to the real world via a hollow Earth. On the inside of this Earth, The Innerworld houses the fantasy setting. On the outside, The Outerworld (otherwise known as The Surface) is home to our historic Earth.

This fantasy setting has knights, pirates, and dragons – all roaming a world that blends together medieval and new age. Apes (known as habili) occupy the great jungles and forests – while advocates of The Judge (humans, elves, gnomes, giants, dwarves, orcs, ogres, and goblins) have ‘advocatial’ empires spread across the continents.

In The Shekinah Children | Book One, the story is shown through two prominent POVs – primarily following one protagonist each, occasionally straying to show a variety of side characters’ POVs too.

One protagonist is Indigo, a young woman under the captaincy of Captain Bauta of The Malabarista – a circus ship, profiting from bringing exotic and fantastical creatures to the seaside towns and cities of The Innerworld. With news of a hatched dragon reaching her captain (Captain Bauta), her story is set to revolve around a pursuit of said dragon to strengthen their history-making quest to The Surface. However, chaos strikes as she is hunted herself – under the suspicion that she is a Shekinah.

Meanwhile, along an Outlandish coast of The Edenese Empire, Ulrich Leinheart finds himself in the company of a newly-hatched dragon – one that leads him deep into The Agrar, a habili jungle and home to Eden’s enemy. There, he finds himself hunted by his own kind while having to earn the trust of his supposed enemy.

My memoir: 9 Months, My Arse

(and the ‘Arse’ that is Change – a Consequence of Chaos)

A memoir-and-advice about extreme-premature birth, grief, and facing life after loss. It tells my story, wherein I recount the experiences I shared with my partner and reflect on them, including chapters, such as Circles, A Sense of Permanence, and F*** Sympathy (Most of the Time, Anyway)

My songs and lyrics.

It all starts with a “Hello,
What are you doing?
‘Cause I am all alone.
And I could do with a friend right now.”
You don’t have to say no more –
That’ll get me our my door.

‘Cause it feels so right, I know it’s wrong,
I shouldn’t have your number on my phone,
But when you call there’s nothing at all,
That’ll stop me coming, baby.
You’ve got me wrapped around your finger,
Like the ring I gave you,
And when you said ‘no’, I should have known,
It was over, but now, I am over,
Your house and there’s a buzz,
I can feel it, I swear it’s love.
And when those lips land on mine,
I can taste the wine.

And that should be enough,
To tuck my tail and run,
But I’m having too much fun.


It all starts with a “Hello,”
And it ends with “Oh, no.”


It all starts with a “Hello.”

What is it they say? Less is more – especially with flash-fic’…

‘The First of the Famous Hangover Cures’

This is exactly what I need after a long night of pint after pint. Memories return in a blur as I sit down and sigh. This feels good. Of course it does. I’m about to proceed with the first of the famous hangover cures. 

And the kettle is on.

Relief hits me at the presence of the dark substance. Steam rises and strokes my cheeks.

Its warm scent hits my nose. 

I take my time, savouring the cure.

Tissue dabs my steamed cheeks. Then cleans any spillages. One more sigh and I’m back on my feet. A swift move of the hand and I flush the chain, leaving the cure behind me. 

Off to the kettle I go.

And so the second hangover cure begins.

My inspirations as a writing ‘Ben’.

The world-building in my fantasy-fiction is inspired by books, such as The Hiram Key and Before the Pyramids, where Christopher Knight, Alan Butler, and Robert Lomas investigate early civilisation (the earliest, even), and The Smoky God – which tells a tale of a boat that sails inside of the Hollow Earth. My fantasy storytelling, however, comes from a combination of: The Book ThiefVampirates, and Northern Lights.

Though there does come with a natural differentiation in tonal style, my fantasy-fiction and nonfiction both share similarities – that much, I am sure. And it is one that comes from reading the likes of: The Sex Lives of Cannibals and 12 Rules of Life. Regarding my ideologies, that shape my fantasy-fiction and nonfiction alike, they are heavily influenced by the latter mentioned by J. Peterson – as well as the likes of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read and Your Children Will Be Glad You Did and Adult Children; The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families.

During one of my first copywriting lectures, I ordered – and will be forever thankful for it – the book: Ogilvy on Advertising (a gospel for copywriting). I have since gone onto to study the likes of Breakthrough Copywriting and Words That Sell.

When it comes to music and lyrics, I will always have artists, such as Alex Band and Hunter Hayes, at the forefront of my inspiration. The latter’s album, Wild Blue (Part 1), has played a huge part in my more recent works – I even found myself writing a research essay about the album during the final year of my Creative Writing BA (Hons) degree.

Lastly, it should be said that I keep The Elements of Style close to me too – as quoted earlier: who doesn’t love a slick, well-written email? Without knowing the rules, you can’t break them. (When and where to use brackets, for example).

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